Complete Guide for Cat Grooming & Cool Products for Glamorous Look

As we know, Cats are trained with self grooming if cat owners regularly do their brushing, nail clipping and periodic bath. Grooming can be pleasant for both cat and cat owner if you are well familiar with the whole procedure. But it could be a laborious work for some owners as well because some cats really don’t enjoy to be groomed. But to keep a proper health check, you should make sure that your cat is groomed properly and regularly.

We’re here to guide pet owners completely about how to groom your furry friend. Let’s start it.

What is Cat Grooming?

The practice of brushing and cleaning the hair coat of the cat in order to give it a beautiful and glamorous look.

Grooming products includes

  • Nail Clipping
  • Combing & Brushing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Eye Cleaning (Stain Removing)
  • Bathing

Nail Clipping:

Nail Clipping is very delicate procedure which need fine expertise. A little impatience and negligence can accidently cut the vascular portion of the nail that will cause bleeding which could be painful for your cat. To overcome this situation, you need a styptic powder.

There are many types of nail clippers. You should use that nail clipper with which you are comfortable.

Combing & Brushing:

cat combining

Brushing is quite significant and plays a vital role in cat grooming. Brushing your cat hairs regularly will help them to avoid tangling with each other. Otherwise, if you don’t do brushing regularly, it would result in the formation of hair tangles that would cause dust to remain inside the hair coat. This situation will ultimately lead to the formation of hair mats.

To overcome all these problems, regular brushing is necessary.

Here are different types of hair combs and hair brushes having different functions and properties.

  • De-Matting Combs
  • Cat Steel Combs
  • Cat Brushes

De-Matting Combs

De-matting combs are used to remove mats or tangled hairs if present. If these mats are not removed for a long period of time, it would cause fungal infection and other skin problems to your cat. This de-matting procedure will help to do cat grooming more efficiently.

Cat Brushes and Combs

Cat grooming brushes and combs are routinely used to brush cat hairs. These grooming brushes and combs help to remove weak hairs and dust particles from the cat’s hair coat. Regular brushing would result in straight hair coat with no mats inside it.

Ear Cleaning:

Ear cleaning is the routine procedure of cats grooming. Ear should be cleaned with cotton plug soaked in some ear cleaning solution or simple tap water and then squeezed enough to remove extra water from the cotton plug. Then gently clean the ear by pushing the pinna of the ear backward so that inner side of the ear is properly exposed.

Eye Cleaning (Stain Removing):

The purpose of eye cleaning is to remove stains below the eyes. These stains are due to secretions from eyes mostly in Punch faced Persian cats. Many brands of stain removers are there in market that can efficiently remove stains without any harmful effect.


cat bathing

Bathing is very important procedure in order to keep your furry friend healthy and beautiful. In short hair breeds, it is not as much necessary to bath your cat regularly. But in long hair breeds, it is the requirement of their long hair coat to bath them periodically so that their hairs remain silky and beautiful and it would give a glamorous look to your furry friend.

Bathing also helps in removing dust and infectious germs from the cat’s skin and hair coat. This would result in keeping your cat healthy and active by extricating from infectious diseases.

How to give bath to your Cat:

  • First of all, cat should be familiar with the person who is giving bath to the cat. Otherwise, it would cause anxiety and stress in cat.
  • Keep all the necessities of bathing like cat shampoo, clean towel e.t.c near you so that it would be easy for you to approach them.
  • In summer season, bathing can be done with fresh water.
  • In winter season, there should be a proper arrangement for the hot water (like geysers) to avoid post bathing complications (like cold, flu etc) in cats.
  • Firstly, pour the simple water on the cat.
  • Note that you should carefully handle the head region of the cat while giving bath to avoid water entering into the ears.
  • After wetting the hairs and skin properly, apply cat shampoo onto the hair cat.
  • Use that cat shampoo which is recommended by your Veterinarian.
  • Rub it properly for at least two minutes to make sure that hair coat is properly cleaned.
  • Then, rinse it with a plenty of water so that all the shampoo got out of the hairs.
  • If there is still some dirt in the hair coat, you can repeat the procedure again to ensure the proper cleaning of the hairs.
  • Now, dry the hair coat with clean, dry towel properly.
  • Final drying should be done with the hair dryer so that no moisture should remain in the hairs.
  • While drying with the hair dryer, keep combing the hairs to avoid tangling of hairs.
  • After complete drying, apply any fragrant powder for a wonderful smell.
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