The Cat Food Shortage

by Dennis McDowell

If you thought 2020 was a year full of rollercoasters, let me tell you about this. There has been a shortage in toilet paper, disinfectant spray, and now canned cat food. This is something that is new for everyone and very stressful on pet owners that have to deal with this shortage because it appears that this issue has popped up out of nowhere. What’s the cause of shortage you ask? Well the overall demand for cat food has grown significantly, but the reason or that is unknown. Many assume that the reason could be that because the pandemic has forced people to stay home, pet owners are now feeding their pets more which requires more food. Another assumption is that a new pet boom has caused the shortage as well. While many assumptions can be made, the ultimate solution to this problem is to increase the overall supply of the canned cat food and according to the petcare company, Nestlé Purina, they are in that process now, but it can take over a year to get back to a comfortable place in the cat food market, which is going to be tough, but possible!




Written By: Annalisa Dessie

 Photo By: Fernando Jorge