How to Keep Your Dog Clean and Smelling Good

by Shano Rao

dog care

Nobody loves a smelly dog. Regular baths are essential to keep your dog away from diseases and to smell heavenly. No one wants to use the products for their dog full of chemicals; you can use pure and gentle products to keep your dog clean. Dog maintenance is necessary to keep your dog healthy and happy. Bathing is no doubt healthy for your pet, but excess of everything is bad. Excessive bathing with the use of shampoo can rip off all the essential oil present in the dog’s skin.

Best dog cleaning tips

Dogs often get dirty and stinky; here are few best tips for dog maintenance to have a healthy and happy dog.

Give your dog a regular bath

As we all know bathing the best option to keep the dog smelling good but water alone cannot do this. Along with water, we need a good shampoo to give a perfect and healthy bath to your dog. You can go for the best shampoo with natural ingredients to stay kind with your dog’s coat and skin.  You can also use baking soda to prevent your dog from stinking in between the baths.

Wash dog’s bedding regularly

To keep your dog smelling good do not forget to throw the dog's bedding into the washing regularly to avoid any odor and to prevent any bacterial growth. Because these bacteria can build up in dogs' coats from bed and can cause unwanted odor in the house as well. Regular washing of the bed is necessary for good dog maintenance and to keep your dog smelling fresh. A clean bed to curl up in at night can make you do healthy and happy.

Avoid any low-quality food

To keep your dog odorless, try to give them good quality food. A good diet promotes gastrointestinal health and fights smell. To make your dog healthy try to give them a nutritious diet full of essential nutrients for good digestive health. Nutritional deficiency can also make your dog lazy and less healthy leading to diseases. To avoid odor and flatulence avoid a cheap diet and choose the best diet for you dog to keep him healthy.

Brush your dog’s teeth daily

It takes only 5 minutes to give a good brush to your dog. Just these five minutes daily can keep your dog’s coat tangle-free and brushes out mud and debris. To have a healthy and happy dog it is recommended to brush daily because with brushing you can avoid any smell due to the removal of mud. During your dog’s shedding period you should increase brushing to remove dead hair and skin cells. For the best dog maintenance tries to visit the vet to get to know your dog better because all the dogs are not the same.

Dog’s oral hygiene

Dogs are prone to oral issues just like humans. With overall health, it is also necessary to keep your dog’s oral health in consideration to avoid any tooth decay and gum diseases. Drinking water additives and regular brushing can save your dog from any serious dental problem.

Keep your dog dry

Do not forget to dry your dog right after bath to avoid the growth of any bacteria. Use a towel or dryer to remove any excess water from your dog’s skin and coat. These bacteria love to live in a moist and warm environment, the main cause of producing stink. The best way to prevent this problem is by giving your dog a regular bath and tries to keep your dog dry in between baths. Too much bathing can remove the natural oil from a dog’s skin leading to serious skin issues.

Stink causes and prevention 

Dogs usually do not sweat but emit light perspiration through their hair follicles and their paws. Every dog has an individualized scent caused by perspiration, which feels the same to humans but different to dogs. Except for perspiration, bacteria and yeast present on a dog’s skin also produce the odoriferous compound.

Few other reasons such as infection of the anal sac, infection in the ear, and poor oral hygiene can cause the dogs to produce odor. The best way to keep your dog odor-free is to maintain your dog's hygiene properly. You can also use baby or dog wipes to keep your dog’s skin clean because wipes already contain a cleanser, deodorizer, and conditioner to freshen the dog’s skin with very little effort.