Best Pet Health Care Practices to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

by Shano Rao

best health practices

There are so many health benefits of pet ownership, they bring positivity in life but in return, they also need a lot more care and love to stay happy and healthy. Like humans, they also need to be treated when sick and need outdoor visits to beat boredom included in a healthy lifestyle. Go outdoor with your pet to stay active and to socialize more can lead to controlled blood sugar levels and decreased blood pressure.

Whenever your pet get sick their issue must be treated on time and must take them to a veterinarian depending upon the need and severity of the issue. If your pet is severely ill and needs ventilation you can visit to find ventilation area near you for your pet. Feed them a healthy diet full of nutrients and avoid sugary or fatty foods to save them from obesity and other serious health concerns.

Pets health care tips

1. Proper exercise

exercises for dog

Exercise on daily basis provides pets health benefits for a lifetime providing them good heart health. Hiking, daily walks, fetching objects, and swimming gives them the energetic and healthy vibes to stay fit and active. Along with physical wellness, mental wellness is necessary too. Include activities to sharpen their brain by giving them play toys, hiding their treats, and encourage them to find and practice new tricks to engage them mentally and physically. You should also take them to new areas for a walk to introduce them to new sceneries and environment.

2. Healthy food

If you are really into keeping your pet happy and healthy both physically and mentally, feed them healthy and nutritious food in the right amount, at a right time. Feeding the right and healthy food to your pet can save him from obesity and other health concerns leading to increased lifespan. If you are giving a balanced diet to your pet, he may not need any additional nutritional supplements, but if you still think there is a need for supplements, you can take your pet to the vet to get him checked. 

3. On-time preventative medications

If you want to keep your pet healthy and free from health concerns like tick-borne illness, disease related to fleeing, and heart-worm, give preventative medication to your pet prescribed by the vet to avoid any issue later. Give your pet a regular bath and dry right after bath to avoid and microbial growth on a fur coat and brush their teeth regularly to prevent periodontal disease to avoid any problem afterward. Always spare time for your pet and his health to keep him happy and healthy, after all, your pet is solely your responsibility.

4. Proper on time check-ups

The only way to keep your pet's health at its best is regular annual checkups. Either your pet is sick or not, you should take him to the vet to perform a variety of health screens to detect any issue going on within the body to keep your pet disease-free and healthy. With on-time detection, you can get to know about warning signs of illness to provide treatment on time. You should also get your pet health insured to get proper treatment within a minimal amount of time.

5. Outdoor activities

To keep your pet healthy and fit, outdoor activities are something to must do. Outdoor activities are part of pet health care. By taking your pet outdoors, they can socialize and can get exposure with people and different situations teaching them how to behave under any new circumstances. By taking your pet outside they can learn new manners to meet new people without showing aggressive behavior. Outdoor activities are good for them both mentally and physically leading them towards calm behavior.

6. Socialization

If you stay out of the home the whole day and come home after tiring work ignoring your pet, he can get bored and ill. They need time and attention to stay happy and healthy. The best solution is to take them outside to cheer up with their fellow pets to beat boredom and to feel fresh after the entire day at home. They can play with other pets and socialize leading to good pet health and a boost in memory. Socialization is as necessary for the pet as for humans to stay both physically and mentally active.

7. Bond establishment

When you establish a bond between you and your pet it's ‘’so healthy’’ for both of you, you can show your pet some love by brushing his coat, petting, cuddling, and rubbing the belly. By doing this you can increase your love and bond with your pet encouraging them to behave positively with you and with other animals and humans as well. You should always show love and affection to your pet to make them feel loved and cared for.

8. Proper grooming

Trimming the nails of your pet, brushing his coat several times a week and giving him baths are included in the grooming of your pet. Grooming is a good way to maintain a good relationship with your pet and to keep eye on his health, skin, and any skin-related issues including dandruff or any other microbial growth. On grooming time, you can check the change in skin or any other lump or bump formation on the skin. You can also visit your vet for the proper grooming of your pet.

9. Behavioral changes

Behavioral changes

Either it's human or animal; there is always a reason behind behavioral changes. If your pet is scratching than normal or eating less or more than the routine, it could be because of any underlying health issue or health concern. Keep pets healthy your top propriety. You can take your pet to the vet for an overall examination.

10. Proper pet safety

Microchips and collars with ID tags are the best ways to keep pets safe and to make them return home with safety. These chips also help to keep your home free of toxic substances and out of the reach of the pet helping the pet to stay happy and healthy in your home.

Choosing the right pet for you

To take care of a pet properly it is necessary to choose the right pet according to your routine and work schedule to ensure the pet’s health and safety. Because pets can also get bored when you do not give them enough time and care, so you can also choose low maintenance pet if you have a busy schedule and are unable to stay around your pet for longer durations. Ask the following questions before choosing a pet for you:

  • How long this pet can stay alone?
  • How much this pet is going to grow to determine the space they are going to occupy on growing up?
  • Which exercise will they need?
  • Which food does a certain pet loves?
  • Are they safe around kids or not?
  • Your work schedule and the time they need?
  • What is the expected life duration of a pet?
  • How much of your earning/ pocket money will be spent on veterinary care?

Undoubtedly pets bring positivity in life, but before choosing a pet see if you have any asthma patients, older people, or children under 5 years with a weak immune system are in your home, think twice!