Dirt-concealing colors: Perfect for a house with pets and children

by Shano Rao

Almost everyone is conscious of choosing colors that can conceal dirt. They want to make sure that they have selected the perfect colors that are safe for their children and pets. This one is a good read to help you choose dirt-concealing colors perfect for a house with pets and children.

1. Aubergine Dream L150

Aubergine is another name for eggplant. It is named aubergine because it goes with the eggplant color.

Aubergine Dream L150 is a perfect color that can resist dirt.

We sometimes refer it to as the color for royals and majesty.

Aubergine is a combination of purple with brown and dark shades. This one is ideal for any home decorations. We also anchored it to anyone’s fashion sense. This color gives people a warm sense because of its red positivity. Aubergine also has the spirit of serenity because of its light blue shade.

How to achieve this color?

Since it does not include the primary colors, mixing different colors is a must to achieve this one. The colors red and blue have the best combination that can result in the purple color. It is noted in the color wheel that mixtures need some tone and shade for the result to arrive at an aubergine color. A tertiary color is a term used. We can achieve aubergine by combining the colors of purple and red with a little tone of white and a shade of brown.

The Aubergine Color

Aubergine color belongs to the center of spectrums. This means that this gives a not-so-warm nor-so-cold ambiance.

  • Why it is a dirt-concealing color?

Aubergine has been labeled as the perfect color. This is for its versatility feature. This color can be like black and brown. Because of its dark shade, dirt cannot be easily seen.

  • Safety of Children and Pets

Aubergine has a child and pet-friendly energy. Because of its royal ambiance that is not too dark nor too light, looking at it for a long time will not affect your children's and pet’s visual sensitivity, mood, and social behavior.

  • Choosing Paint

In choosing paint with aubergine color, one must look at its ingredient to ensure safety. Avoid paints with delicate phthalates, synthetic and artificial dyes, Voltaic Organic Compounds.

2. Emerald City

This color is green. This is named Emerald City because of the book called Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It is the place where jewels and grasses are present.

We can find the completely green color at the center of blue and yellow. We often use this color for printing. This is also available for painting interior walls.

  • Why it is a Dirt-concealing color?

The color emerald city has a good texture in concealing dirt and dust.

It can hide simple dust and dirt because of its shade. With the right tone and application, it can hide any dirt, especially if it is not too dark. Make sure that you have carefully chosen the shade to hide any imperfections.

  • Safety of Children and Pets

The emerald city color is ideal for children and pets. It is the color connected to growth. Because it is a color related to nature, children and pets will have a calm mind and will minimize stress just by looking at this color. We often call this one the color of the earth.

It is a positive color that gives positive energy to anyone who looks at it, especially your children and pets.

  • Choosing Paint

Megacryll is a wonderful paint that has the color of the emerald city.

This can resist dirt, water, and stains. It has 100% acrylic ingredients. This is also safe for your children and pets. This is said to nature-friendly.

3. Vintage Brown

This color has its red and brown shade. It is best for any side and corners of the house. This color is said to be neutral. We can achieve this vintage brown color by combining the shades of red and brown.

  • Why it is a dirt-concealing color?

The vintage brown color belongs to a shade that is dark and medium. Because these shades can conceal dirt, the color vintage brown can resist any stains and dirt. It also has a deep saturation and darkness density.

  • Safety of Children and Pets

We can also associate the Vintage Brown with the color of the world.

In psychology, it can create a sense of calmness for pets. Also, a sense of safety and security can be felt by children. Brown can also be a color of sophistication.

  • Choosing Paint

The Aqua Gloss-it Quick dry low odor enamel paint is ideal. We know it to promote safety to people, pets, and the environment. Because of its low odor feature, it is safe for everyone. This feature also means that one can use it as soon as possible. It is also a smooth paint that is good for the enhancements of color.

4. Red Passion

We can see this color in the color wheel. It belongs to the primary color. It is one of the most visible colors because of its dominance.

Why it is a dirt-concealing color?

The color red has a dominant effect. It has a shade ranging from medium to dark. It has a very good saturation level. This color is warm and has a dirt-concealing ability.

Safety for Children and Pets

The color red has a bright and warm feeling. Thus, children and pets can feel energized by this color. We also associated this with warm emotions and feelings. Because of its dominance, this color promotes movement. Thus, it awakes one’s life activity. This color is safe for children and pets when it is paired with a light shade.

Choosing Paint

The Megacryll Gloss Semi-Gloss Red Passion MCS-1106 has been known to be safe for everyone, especially for children and pets. It is because of its 100% acrylic ingredient. It does not also mercury. This paint can also resist dirt, stains, and molds.

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One must have an idea of colors that can conceal dirt. It is also noted that in choosing colors and paints, one must always consider the safety of everyone, especially the children and pets.