Fish as a Best Low Maintenance Pet for Workaholics

by Shano Rao

Best Low Maintenance Pet for Workaholics When you welcome a new pet into your family, it needed care and love to feel this new place as a home and to feel comfortable. If you are a busy person doesn’t mean you do not deserve to have a pet in your home to make you feel happy on getting home after a tiring workday. The only thing you need is to find the right low-maintenance pet for you. Having a fish as a pet is the best idea for workaholics who are out of time and space to keep other pets who need more attention and care. Choosing the best type of fish with a nicely decorated aquarium can brighten your home giving enjoyable moments to your family. Looking at a fish at home can also help in lowering stress. Just choose the right type of low-maintenance pet fish for you, because pet fish come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties.

Tips before getting the best low-maintenance fish

a. Choose the best pet food

Undoubtedly fish is the best low-maintenance pet but most pet owners overfeeding their fish instead of underfeeding in fear of leaving their pet hungry. This increases the waste in the water tank and fish also excrete more waste due to overfeeding. This leads to the increased level of nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia in the water tank increasing the pollution in the tank. Fish should be fed once a day at the same time of the day with healthy and nutritious fish food, but if you are giving a smaller portion of food you can feed them multiple times as well. You can feed younger fish three to four times a day with the best suitable diet for them.

b. The best possible care

Th best possible care

There are the following things fish need to survive;

  • Balanced healthy diet
  • Suitable light
  • Clean water
  • A good filtration system
  • A balanced PH of the water

Having a fish as a pet needs proper care and supervision even though it’s the best low-maintenance pet, and does not need any extra special care and attention like a cat or dog, they need fresh and clean water with balanced PH to survive.  Having a fish at home can teach your kids responsibility by feeding them twice a day. It is relaxing to make fish a pet but it is not completely free of responsibility, even if you have a filtration system set in an aquarium you will still need to clean the tank regularly.

If the water in the tank starts looking cloudy, yellowish, or smelly, it’s a sign that water needs to be changed. While changing the water of the fish tank, do not add tap water directly to avoid your fish going into shock. Add treated water with balanced PH and temperature.              

c. The best type of fish

Choose low maintenance pet fish that can live happily in the water you keep them to live in. if you can't invest in a water heater, you can choose the fish which can live happily in cooler water as well such as goldfish, and select the fish which can easily adjust the PH level of your water. For this purpose, you need to research various species. Also, search for the size of fish when they will be fully grown to determine either they can live comfortably in your water tank or not.

d. Best fish tank size

Best fish tank size

Do you know the inch-per-gallon rule? It's mean that if your fish is 3 inches, you will need three gallons of space for it to move freely in the tank. So check how many fish you can keep in your low-maintenance fish tank freely without any problem. Round fish need more space; this rule only applies to slim fish.

e. Invest in good quality products

For buying products for pet care choose the best pet accessories for better care of your pet. Find a reputable store to buy high-quality products for one-time investment instead of buying cheaper products again and again. It will cost you more but will also be better for a longer duration. Try to avoid buying fish from a tank containing dead or sick fish as well. Having a fish as a pet no doubt required less effort than other pets but if for any reason you do not want to keep your pet anymore do not flush it, it is inhuman or does not release it to the wild, it could be life-threatening and can be dangerous to native wildlife.