How to Groom your Dog? (Step By Step Guide)

by Shano Rao

dog grooming

Your pet can smell, shed, and his bigger nails may scratch you. Well in order to keep all these messy situations avoid you should groom your dog regularly.

Don’t you know how things will work and how you can overcome these basic problems then why don’t you read our article and make yourself known for dog grooming?

At first, recognize the breed that you are having and know what type of health issues the breed can bother? By keeping all basic info ahead buy some necessary supplies including, a hairbrush, toothbrush, shampoo, nail clipper, clip fur, ear bud, etc.

Random thing often does not work well so, it would be good to choose wisely?

Step 1:

Make a routine first when to groom your pet or whether he/she actually needs your attention? A routine can make you both easeful for further procedure. It is not necessary to follow a particular routine but sometimes your dog may need special care.

Step 2:

Keep all the products of dog grooming in an easily accessible area that will not make you irritate before making start a grooming session. It will save your time so, your dog will be calm further.

Before starting make sure the condition of your dog if he/she needs a shower then proceed otherwise you may give a short grooming session also. 

Step 3:

Tangled fur is not going to make your pet charming so, before and after bath your pet’s fur should be brushed anyways. For long to short coat brushing twice a week is important which will solve all the tangles and keep the dirt (shed) away.

Brushing fur is also beneficial for coat health and is the most important part of grooming. Consistent fur brushing will help the owner to get the pet faith upon.

Step 4:

After fur, teeth need regular brushing. Make sure the brush you use must be dog-designed and approved clinically. You can also use some toothpaste for it and then brush it slightly in the entire mouth.

Often people brush their dog’s teeth on an alternate day whether as per some experts dog’s teeth needs daily brushing so, it would be good to fix 5 minutes of your day for your dog’s tooth brushing.

Step 5:

Dog nails face a lot of dirt, and the paws pass a lot of challenges in daily pet life. When it comes to dog grooming we would recommend trimming your dog’s nails with special clippers instead of a scissor.

Dog’s nails should be trimmed regularly otherwise your negligence may lead to cracked nails. While trimming try not to cut the live part of dog nails called “quick.” Accidental cuts may cause bleeding so in that situation try to apply anti-styptic powder.

Step 6:

As per some salon experts, too much shampoo is not good for a dog’s fur. You should apply shampoo once a month or after 6 weeks. Portable tubs or non-slippery mats are highly recommended for bathing or for a toy breed your bathroom sink would be fine at all.

Before make sure the entire coat should be wet well, and then make fur tizzy slightly with shampoo from head to tail. After 5 minutes rinse shampoo completely keeping away water from dog ears. For rinsing, I would prefer a hand shower for my canine.

Step 7:

Indeed clean ears make dogs attractive and assure hygienically. For ear cleaning you may try an ear solution, and a cotton swab. Use both of these gently in the entire ear and then make ears dry; this way bacterium will be away that can infect directly.

All above are my personal grooming tips and the way that I follow regularly. Hope you’ll you admire these simple steps and also follow.

How often should a Lhasa Apso and  be groomed?

Well, the quick reply to this question could be after every 6 weeks. Generally, the Lhasa Apso breed needs a formally grooming procedure. It is a mischievous Tibetan dog breed that may lead to a lot of health issues if you don’t groom.

According to some owners, Lhasa Apso and pomeranian mix  grooming all depends upon the activity level and coat length. Cool Lhasa Apsos don’t require regular bathing as compare to an active one.

How do groomers keep dogs calm?

Well, this is the most often asked question asked by dog owners, because the majority of dogs do not like grooming.

I know keeping a dog calm within bathing is not an easy task. In salons, employees have different tricks to keep dogs calm for grooming. If you are bothering with this problem then trying some trading tricks may keep calming an aggressive dog.

Moreover, soothing lavender-based shampoos and wide bathing space will also work for this purpose.


Grooming dogs is the most essential part when you keep a pet. Don’t forget the entire process can be differing from one breed to another. Like teacup dog breeds are completely changed than giant and their grooming styles are also change so, it would be good to search your breed and the grooming needs of your canine on the internet or you may discuss it from a reputable breeder. For your further ease, this informative article will guide you better.

Best of luck!