How to Litter Train Your Cat?

by Shano Rao

litter train kittenSo! Have you just brought home your little kitty? Then there will be a lot of work to do on it for sure. Keeping a cat is exciting though, but not easy at all. Cat comes with lots of responsibilities, and if you are adopting a kitten, the responsibilities doubles.

An adult cat does not need a lot of training as they have already been trained by their mothers for most of the things including litter box use. But when it comes to a small kitten, it still needs a lot of training as it didn’t spend much time with its mother. So when bringing home a kitty, keep in mind that you would have to litter train it by yourself.

But don’t worry, litter training is though a time-consuming task, but not difficult at all, you just have to follow the right way to perfectly litter train your cat.

Supplies You’re Gonna Need

First of all, start by gathering the supplies that you’re gonna need for litter training. Once you have these essentials by your side, you can easily start the process.

Litter Box

Obviously, you can’t begin the training without a litter box. So first go and get the best litter box for your cat. Make sure to buy two or three of them instead of one as more boxes can help better with the training. Moreover, make sure to buy the unhooded one as it is better for the smaller kittens to get started with the simple tray. However, if it’s an adult cat you are about to train, then you can get any type of litter box you want.

Cat Litter

The second thing is the litter. Make sure to buy the best quality cat litter in bulk as you are going to be needing a lot of it. And one more thing to consider while buying the litter is that it should be unscented and free of any chemicals.

Kitty Treats

You’ll also be needing some treats for your kitty as a reinforcement. It can be anything, either a piece of meat or its favorite treat from the pet shop.

Procedure to Litter Train a Cat

Done with collecting the supplies. Now let’s start training your cat.

Place the Litter Box at the Right Spot

First of all, place the litter box at a desirable place, the one your kitty loves so that it can be within its reach. Place two to three boxes at different corners of the houses so, in case of emergency, your kitty can find the box easily wherever it is. Don’t ever hide or place the litter box out of reach of your cat while training.

Introduce Your Cat to the Box

Now introduce your cat to the box. Pick your cat and put it in the box, let it smell, and sniff the litter.  Keep doing this more often so that the cat can become familiar with it. You can also make a trail of cat food all the way to the box so that the cat can remember its way through.

Observe its Routine

Observe your cat’s routine and pay attention to its litter timing. Notice the timings when your cat feels for the need for excreting, it is mostly in the morning and after every meal, so place it in the box at that time. Also, keep track of your cat’s behavior, when it starts to sniff and scratch the floor, it means that it’s time.

Give a Treat Whenever It Uses the Box

Don’t forget to reward your cat with a treat whenever it shows good habits. When your kitty uses the litter box either under your supervision or by itself, give a little treat to reinforce this behavior.

Never Scold on Mistakes

Keep in mind that your kitty is just a baby, you can’t expect it to show the best of it all the time. It will make mistakes in the beginning because it is still learning. So never scold or hurt your cat if it accidentally does it on the floor.