Safe chew toys or teething toys for dogs and puppies

by Shano Rao

If you are a dog mom or a dad to a puppy you definitely can understand the struggle of finding a durable toy for your puppy to prevent it from chewing on everything. Toys can keep your puppies and dogs away from your pillows and foot wares. Chew toys for puppies must be made from durable material with no smaller parts and fillings to prevent choking. For puppies, teething toys should be made from ultra-strong rubber to prevent tearing up so early.

Dogs and puppies with sharp teeth can tear the toughest toys, so safe chewing toys for puppies to prevent any choking hazard for aggressive chewers is necessary to keep in consideration while buying toys. Many manufacturers also provide recommendations according to the dog’s size, height, weight, and chewing capability.  So always choose a best and trustworthy place to buy toys for your puppies to prevent any health hazard later on.

Puppies with teeth and no teeth both love to chew toys, rubber toys for your puppy could be a good option even if they are just gumming the toy. Puppy Kong can be a good option, will help massage there gums and they will still enjoy the experience.

Benefits of chew toys for puppies

  • Promotes mental health
  • Helps to keep the teeth clean
  • Satisfies chew desire
  • Protect your shoes and other stuff from chewing
  • Helps to banish boredom
  • Train your puppies’ brain to problem-solve

Chew toys for puppies to prevent anxiety

In this time of the pandemic, where our entire routine and work schedule has been changed within the office or even in the homes, we aren’t only the ones who are overwhelmed by the change in our lives but also the dogs. They do feel too. They also feel lonely and anxious due to this huge change in our life. To keep them busy and prevent anxiety, there are so many dog toys available in the market to keep your dogs and puppies busy and happy and prevent their dependency only upon you.

Chew toys for puppies with pica

Pica is an eating disorder in which dogs eat non-food items, the technical term especially for eating feces is the most common form of pica in dogs and puppies. It can be due to some underlying medical condition. If your dog is eating non-food items, take it to the doctor to prevent further illness and death chances. Gastro-intestinal issues or nutrient deficiency in your pet can cause pica such as zinc, iron, or any other nutrient in their diet. Reasons for pica in dogs could be loneliness, stress and anxiety, anxiety with certain people and places, lack of sleep, exercise, and low mental stimulation.  

Do not panic if your puppy is facing this, try to add healthy food in his diet, and try to spend more time with him. Engage them in healthy exercise and try to help them get plenty of sleep. Give them good chewing toys to keep them busy and to prevent them eating other non-food items.

Chew toys for Puppies and dogs with bad teeth

While choosing chew toys for puppies try to choose the best and safe chew toys for puppies to prevent oral problems. Many dog owners think that meat bones are safe for your pet but they can be too hard for their teeth to be fractured. No doubt that dogs love bones and they keep chewing them and fail to notice cracked or broken teeth. It could be very painful for your dog or puppy and even being left unnoticed can lead to serious oral health concerns like infection, loss of a tooth, and systemic issues. Try to choose the best food for your dog for good oral health, especially recommended by the vet. 

Chew toys Dogs with sensitive stomach

High protein treat, if you puppy or dog is not used to digesting high amount of protein it can lead to serious stomach issues, diarrhoea, and vomiting. Be careful while choosing food for your dog to prevent and illness later.
Not all chew toys for puppies available in the market can be considered safe for your pet, the can affect your dog’s digestive tract and even can cause blockage. Try to avoid exclusively hard toys such as meat bone, cow hooves etc. to prevent any health hazard and stomach issues.