The Art of Stunning Pet Canvas Paintings

by Shano Rao

Dedicated to all wonderful pet lovers in this world. It is indeed a great thought to dwell in the world of pet portraits. It's all love and compassion towards the cutest and dearest pets we can show or rather our closest family members that we can concern about.

Painting our dearest pets look natural and real and undoubtedly a challenging and craziest art all the time. The creativity of this task lies in nailing the striking personality of a pet. Portraiting is not a new art form, and the fact is that through various means, this art took birth in the early years of AD.

Dog paintings are most common among all pets. Pet portraits stand as a symbol of royalism and companionship. These paintings depict the pets' loyalty towards their masters. The Artists strive to portray the emotion carried out by the pets realistically through sculptures and paintings. Real artists make any pet immortal through their art forms. Let it be furious or sad, shy, love, hunger, fun, annoy, curious, or overjoy; the depiction must be apt. Hence price also follows the value. Pet portrait companies would have a pool of unique and highly talented artists who come up with creative ideas and optimum use of technology.

Depending on the complexity of the intricate level showcased, the so-called custom dog paintings will be greatly used. Then, all we need to do is to send or upload a photo of our pet, and we can get the art done.

All the work starts with basic pencil art sketches. Based on the availability. Artists lively observe the traits of the pets so closely and start the basic sketch. Later, they use a medium, either oil, watercolours, or canvas, to add the reality. All it depends on whether the dog has fluffy hair or rough hair. The toughest or trickiest part is the eyes. Eyes depict the internal soul of pets and convey a lot more about them.

 Canvas paintings are a wonderful replacement for wooden paintings and are done with either acrylic or oil paints straight away on the cloth. Modern studios are all going with canvas prints which is a much easier way than paintings.

It was the story of a person I have recently visited his neighbour's house in Chennai. As he is new to the apartment, he went to his neighbour for some help. There he could see a big canvas painting in the hall with beautiful work done on it, and in a fraction of seconds, he also realized something and asked his neighbour, "Is your dog mischievous?  Yes, he replied". The power of the painting is thus so important that it depicts the traits of a dog. How rightly painted the pic was! All the mess it could do, say from throwing out clothes, spilling water, and furniture upside down. The way the painting shows its personality and trait is more enough than "Beware of dogs".

The most passionate pictures or paintings of pets capture their funniest moments and depict them in funny pictures. Jumping kittens, laughing horses, innocent faces, wet dogs, similar or look-alike pet and its owner, flowery dressed dogs, licking butter cats, upside-down faces, and the list goes on and on. Every year, a competition for photographers to the funniest pic gets clicked and will be awarded.

With the increasing demand, creativity and incredibility being the most important features of the artists to upgrade from time to time, their work must be rightly rewarded. 

Dogs have become part of the family for many years. The craze for these pet portraits or paintings is so diversified that each one has his reasons for getting done the portraits. In a scenario where a dog went missing for several years, his owner wanted to get the dog's picture done through painting to remain in his memory. His dog is the one who wakes him up every day or the first one whom the owner sees every day. So, the bonding and love they had are what the owner wanted to make it eternal. Hold in high regard to the artists and studios who do this job.

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