The Best Pet Dog Breeds for Families and Kids

by Shano Rao

Most loyal, protective, and caring pets to humans and need lots of love, care, and affection in return, are making them the most incredible pet in the world. Not all dogs are worthy of adoption due to their aggressive nature, but many pet dog breeds are the best to adopt depending upon their behavior, health, and personality.  It is not easy at all to choose a pet dog because they need so much attention and love to become a part of your family.

Try to give them more time and attention, in the beginning, to make them feel comfortable and feed them their favorite healthy and delicious dog treats to get used to your place and environment. Dogs love to have a perfect daydream pet bed with a super soft surface to sleep on.  Dogs with calm and patients personalities are worthy of making pet if you have children.

Tip: Every dog is different, try not to treat them alike. Good and proper training is required even for the best pet dog breeds for families, before making the dog part of the family. A dog should be of good temperament in a family with kids to avoid any mishap. Not only dogs, but children should also be respectful around dogs because any dog with a good temperament can also be pushed to its limits by over-excited and rough kids. 

List of best pet dog breeds for Families



Labradors are very obedient dogs with good temperaments and are very good for families and other dogs as well. They are the most popular breed of pet dogs in the US, Australia, New Zeeland, and the United Kingdom. They are very intelligent and playful and are ideal for first-time dog owners. Along with all other qualities they are a quick learner which makes them a good guide. If someone is looking for a perfect guard dog, Labrador is a perfect option.

German shepherds

german shephard

A dog breed is known for its intelligence, courage, and bravery. They make excellent pet dogs with all the good qualities someone looks for in the best pet dog breeds. Due to their excellent working ability, they are a good option in the military and police. They love the person so much they are living with and are perfect for they family but can cause destruction due to loneliness and can suffer anxiety.

Pembroke Welsh corgis

They are famous for being friendly, intelligent, and playful and are a very good option the people looking for a good breed of dog for their family. As they were bred to herds they are a bit bossy and do things in their way. Try to monitor their food intake because they are prone to over-eating. They are a bit shy with strangers but do their maximum effort to please their owners and are excellent with kids.


Huskies are famous for their beauty with piercing eyes and thick fur coats making a solid reason, most people choose this dog as a pet. They are very good for families with children and are very affectionate with them. But this breed is not a very good option for people who are first-time dog owners because they need a lot of attention, handling, and very good at running away. They shed their fur just twice a year with minimal odor as compared to other dogs makes them the best dog to choose.

Golden retrievers

Due to their tolerant attitude, they are a very good option for the people looking for the best dog breed to make a pet.  They are the most popular dog breed in the United States. They are the dog with good intelligence and sports quality and are very obedient while playing with other dog fellows. They will prefer to be sleeping at your feet instead of running alone. They are very even-tempered are very good with children.



They are the ideal dog breed for people with small homes and a backyard because they need very little space and strenuous exercise to live and a very obedient and kind-natured dog with loving and loyal nature and perfect for adoption to complete your family.

Bernese mountain dog 

A very kind, affectionate, patient and calm dog for families who want to adopt the best dog breed for their kids. They can be a bit less calm with strangers but can be trained when young, a very kind dog with kids despite their large size.  A Swiss breed who can risk their lives to rescue people standing in the Alps.


Beagles are excellent dogs for hunting and are famous for their loyalty as described by the‘’ American kennel club’’. They are the perfect dog breed for the family and good enough to complete your family because they are so loving and loyal to their family. They are very friendly and do not hesitate from strangers and due to this, they are used by law enforcement at airports to sniff the baggage to find the inhibited items. Most people abandon this dog due to their habit of howling, but this can be controlled with proper training.