Tips to Buy Healthy Pet Treats and Pet Food Safety

by Shano Rao


healthy pet treat and safety
Healthy pet treats and food should contain all the ingredients which can promote the overall good health of your pet. You should always check the ingredients list to choose healthy pet treats to make them stay healthy and happy. Choose natural and healthy treats including fruit and vegetables to make them look great both physically and mentally.


You can also make a purchase from a organic pet food store for boosting your pet’s health. They’re usually very convenient to make a healthy purchase. Healthy pet treats can make your pet living better and more energetic than ever before. When you love your pet you try your best to choose healthy pet treats to keep your pet healthy and happy around you to give you company and love.

Tips to buy healthy pet treats

buy healthy pet treats

  • Choose the food with healthy food ingredients
  • Choose the intact clean packaging
  • Avoid packaging with dents, discoloration, and tears.
  • Choose the trustworthy shop or site to buy from
  • Set the budget first
  • Keep your pets need and eating habits in mind
  • You can go for good deals and offers
  • Consider dietary requirements for a healthy and happy pet
  • Keep in mind their flavor preferences
  • Select best storage place for healthy pet treats
  • Select the complete feed
  • Feed your animal according to age and energy needs

Tips to prepare pet food

  • Always begin with clean hands before handling or preparing pet food and treats
  • Do not mix the pet’s utensils and scooping utensils ever to avoid any contamination
  • Throw expired food in a safe place to avoid your pet eating it
  • Wash utensils after every use with warm water

Tips to store pet food

  • If pet food is needed to be kept in the refrigerator, keep the temperature below 40 F
  • To increase shelf life of food, store in a cool and dry place with a temperature less than 80 F, because nutrients breakdown can occur in excessive moisture and heat

Pets and raw food

pets and raw food

Having a healthy and happy pet must consider the health risks related to food a pet owner can face. According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), raw meat can lead to serious health hazards because raw meat or any other raw food contain  more bacteria (salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes) than processed food causing food-borne illnesses. If you are actually into keeping your pet healthy and happy avoid giving them raw food, and some people prefer to add raw food to the diets of their pets, but they should also be aware of the health hazards along with it. Your pets love you; in return, it's obligatory to take care of their health as well.

Rules and regulation for healthy pet treats by FDA

The food and Drug Administration (FDA) is involved in the regulation of healthy pet treats and for cats, dogs, and all other pets. According to Food and Drug Administration, pet food should be healthy and safe for animal consumption like human food for living a healthy and happy life.  There should be no harmful substances present in healthy pet treats with proper labeling of ingredients and canned food should be processed in such a way that there are no viable micro-organisms present in food causing any health harm to pets.

To keep your pet healthy and happy, FDA ensures that all the ingredients in healthy pet treats are safe with proper function in your pet’s food. Many ingredients like meat, poultry, and grains do not need approval whereas vitamins, minerals, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives need to increase the shelf life and value of healthy pet treats needed to be approved.

Proper labeling of healthy pet treats  

Two levels are included in the labeling of healthy pet treats for ensuring the pet’s overall good health.

Level one includes:

  • Quantity of products
  • Products identity
  • Name of manufacturer
  • Manufacturing city/ country
  • Distributors

Level two include

  • All Ingredients

The proper mentioning of all the ingredients involved in the manufacturing of healthy pet treats for ensuring a healthy and happy pet is necessary. Specific claims should also be mentioned such as hairball control, good for heart health, promotes urinary tract health, and low level of magnesium.