Top 5 Low Maintenance Pets for Busy People - Easy Pet Care

by Shano Rao

Adding a pet to your family is like giving a new dynamic to your home and it can completely or partly change the environment of your home as well. Before taking this big step take enough time to think about choosing the right pet according to your work schedule and the kids. Consider your complete lifestyle before selecting the right pet. Pet of small size with low maintenance could be a good option for working individuals. Because then you will not need to spend a lot of your time and energy in their maintenance. You should also keep into consideration the pet accessories and supplies you are going to need after buying or adopting a pet.

You can also get advice or help from the people you going to buy or adopt the pet because having low maintenance does not mean that they do not need any care or attention at all. Because being living creatures they still have some requirements and need to be kept in consideration to keep them safe and alive. Do a proper search on the environment, food, and temperature they need to stay healthy and happy. Some pets love to live alone but few others require good company otherwise they may die of loneliness.

List of the things you need to consider

  • Your lifestyle
  • Age of the Kids in your family
  • Time commitment
  • Family member’s opinion
  • Your work schedule

List of low maintenance pets



Small to medium size parrots, with generally long tail feathers. They are among the most talkative bird in the parrot family and will be tweeting a song when in a good mood. They can also do mimicry of the sound they usually get to hear in their surroundings.  

Care:  Most of the low maintenance pet does not require any special care or attention and they are so friendly and enjoy interacting with people. They can become ill without food for 24 hours, except this, they are very low-maintenance pets with adding beauty to your home.

Food: They eat mixed seeds, fruits veggies, legumes, and nuts.



Goldfish are freshwater fish and need to be kept in an aquarium instead of a bowl. They are known to be very low-maintenance pets with very little attention required. They can grow to 8-24 inches and can get messy in a dirty tank.

Care: Never forget to keep changing their water on time because they can die because of ammonia in their waste if left dirty or can also die by staying hyperactive in the undesired tank.

Food: They are omnivores and love to eat insects and other dead animals and plants. They are usually fed with pellet and dried flakes.



They appear to be a very calm and cool pets with easy maintenance. Eastern box or African sideneck are breeds that do not even grow above a foot long and can be kept easily in a terrarium.

Care: they need fresh water and clean space to live in and do not require to be fed daily.

Food: They eat a variety of food earthworms, snail to berries, and mushrooms. They can die with tobacco and potato leaves and avocado peel and seeds.



Cats are very notorious for being independent and due to their evenly tempered nature, they are included in most low-maintenance pets. They give you enough of the ‘’me time’’ because they are not so needy pets.

Care: Provide them with a good and clean bed and access to an outdoor empty and clean litter tray.

Food: You can feed them with completely dry cat food or rice formula or tuna/salmon.

Leopard gecko

leopard gecko


If you are looking for a reptile pet with low maintenance leopard geckos are the best options because they are very easy to care for and can live in a tank of 15-20 gallons easily.

Care: They are not very social and not get bored easily, so if you do not have enough time for them, they are still good to go. They are very hard and do not get sick easily and do not die easily except in any extreme condition.

Food: They need to be fed on crickets, wax, and mealworms.