Hummer's Galore Hummingbird Feeder


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Shop high quality hanging hummingbird feeder. This glass hanging Hummingbird Feeder is featured with a two-part detachable base and 8 feeding stations. UV vinyl coatings on the surrounding of the glass bottle delay bacteria buildup and are available in sky blue, All American and new vine designs. Feeders Include metal hanging wire 

  • Designer USA flag graphics printed with UV ink to help delay bacteria buildup and also to keep colours from fading. "Yard Art" and entertainment
  • EZ opening of two-part base: KEEP BOTTLE ON BASE, push down on perch with the heel of the hand while holding the bottle in the opposite hand.
  • New snap-together base, no leakage: Line up raised dot on top of base found around one of the "flowers" with indent found on base bottom. See pic insets
  • Ready to hang with attached metal hanger. Fits most hooks and poles. Look for other Hummer's Galore products: Feeders, moats, brushes, and nectar
  • Made in the USA