Natural Chemistry Waterless Bath Spray for Dogs & Cats 24 oz


  • Miracle Care Waterless Bath Spray is the easy way to get pets clean in between shampoos! This natural cleaning product features a unique aloe vera and natural enzyme formula that removes tangles, restores shine, and removes odors, leaving your pets coat soft, silky, and easy to manage.


    • Removes tangles and odors without water or rinsing
    • Aloe vera soothes and refreshes without drying out coat
    • For clean, fresh-smelling pets

    Waterless Bath contains no alcohol, fragrances, bacteria, soap, or shampoo, and is safe for dogs and cats.

    Made in Canada.

    Directions: Spray on, rub in, and brush. For hard to remove odors or soil, staurate well, towel dry, and brush. For animal use only.

    Ingredients: Water, Natural Enzymes, Organic Stabilizers.