Exo-Terra Cricket Pen - Reptile


  • The Exo-Terra Cricket Pen is a complete kit for the housing, keeping, and dispensing of live crickets. This specialized habitat contains four black tubes that crickets will naturally crawl into, creating a safe, convenient way to dispense live crickets.

    • Holding pen with dispensing tubes
    • Efficient and clean habitat for live crickets
    • Ventilated hood with feeding door
    • Feeding and drinking dishes included

    Crickets love dark spaces and will willingly crawl into the tubes. To remove and dispense crickets, just remove the tube! The tubes are independent of the lid, reducing the risk of escape when the lid is removed.

    Small: 7.3"L x 4.6"W x 5.9"H
    Large: 12"L x 8"W x 7.6"H

    Tip: "Gut load" or add an apple for food to keep your live crickets alive longer.

    Directions: Use as cricket carrier or holding pen. Simply slide the tube out of the Exo Terra Cricket Pen and drop the flapper down to prevent escapes. If needed, cover the tube opening with one hand while transporting it to the terrarium or feeder. Remove your hand and lightly tap on the tube to release the appropriate number of crickets for feeding. Only one tube should be removed at a time to avoid crickets escaping.

    Cleaning: Clean regularly, removing all debris and waste and cleaning the entire unit with hot tap water. Never use soap or detergent to avoid leaving a harmful residue.