Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain


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  • The Exo-Terra Reptile Fountain creates a source of fresh, clean, aerated, and flowing water that encourages reptiles to stay hydrated. Many reptiles may not recognize stagnant water as drinkable, but the Reptile Fountain provides a constant trickle that keeps pets interested and increases humidity.

    • Re-circulating drinking water dish encourages healthy hydration
    • Stimulates reptile drinking behavior and increases terrarium humidity
    • Compact and stable design is easy to set up and maintain
    • Water pump included

    The Reptile Fountain consists of just two pieces, making assembly and cleaning easy. The fountain includes an Exo-Terra Repti Flo water pump.

    Note: Tap water should be conditioned to remove chlorine and heavy metals before use as drinking water. As a safety measure for smaller species, add small stones or gravel to raise the bottom of the drinking basin.