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Felisept Home Comfort Fast-Acting Calming Spray for Cats  3.38 oz (100 ml)

Felisept Home Comfort Fast-Acting Calming Spray for Cats 3.38 oz (100 ml)

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Felisept Home Comfort Fast Acting Calming Spray allows cat owners to create a targeted, calming environment in carriers, on beds, in cars, and other places where a cat may feel stress or anxiety. Felisept spray is a, all natural, non-pheromone, calming treatment made with the active component of catnip.

  • Aids against urine marking & scratching
  • Reduces feelings of stress & unwanted behaviors
  • Non-pheromone behavior correction technology
  • Made with the natural active component of catnip

How it works: Using the natural properties of catnip oil extract (Nepeta Cataria), Felisept Calming Spray helps eliminate many problematic behaviors associated with stress, including urine marking, scratching and biting, irritability, and more. Nepeta Cataria is an herb from the mint family that helps cats acclimate to changes in environment, new pets or family members, or trips to the groomer or vet.

Directions: Spray onto bedding, carriers, furniture, and carpets. Hold bottle approx. 4 inches away from surface while spraying. Use daily to remain effective. For vet visits or traveling, spray on all surfaces inside the carrier. Allow 20 minutes for spray to take effect.

Ingredients: Water, Emulsifier, Esterified Fatty Acid, Film Former Polymer, Essential Oil, Preservatives.