Kordon Pond NovAqua Instant Water Conditioner


Kordon Pond NovAqua creates a protective slime coating on a fishs body when the natural slime has been removed due to injury, disease or rough handling. In addition, it adds electrolytes for proper water balance, removes chlorine, copper, hard metals and toxins, and helps stabilize the pH of tap water, making it safe for your pond fish.


  • Adds superior protective skin slime-coat
  • Adds essential electrolytes
  • Detoxifies chlorine, chloramine and toxic metals making tap water safe for fish
  • Made in the USA

16 oz Treats 960 Gallons
1 Gallon Treats 7,680 Gallons

The slime coating acts like an invisible bandage on and in your fishes' skin, providing a barrier against serious loss of internal fluids and electrolytes and protects damaged areas of the body against external toxins and disease-causing organisms.

Kordon NovAqua aids in concentrating certain drugs and antibacterials at the diseased or damaged site. NovAqua detoxifies heavy metals and is capable of eliminating free copper ions from solution.

A single dose of Pond NovAqua will detoxify up to 3.75 ppm total chlorine, detoxify copper (up to 1.0 ppm) and reduce or eliminate all other heavy metals in the water. Add electrolytes to ease stress in your fish, such as during acclimation and illness. Increase dosage to remove excess amounts of heavy metals or chlorine.

Directions for Use: SHAKE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE USING. To condition water for all aquatic life, shake the bottle before using and add 1-2/3 fl. oz per 100 gallons of water, or 1 capful per 8 gallons (use the cap on this container for measuring capfuls). Dosage can be increased or repeated without adverse effects. Pond NovAqua does not interfere with fishes' gills or breathing, or the measurements of water quality test kits. If water is suspected of containing chloramines (a chemical complex of chlorine and ammonia) or ammonia, add Kordons Pond AmQuel - a single-step, fast action ammonia/chloramines remover. For fishes with bruises, missing scales, or frayed fins use Kordons Fish Protector as a healing aid.

Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life. For ornamental pond and aquarium fish use only. Not for human, medical or food fish use.

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