Lift Em Up Mobility  Dog Harness Front

Lift Em Up Mobility Dog Harness Front

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Lift Em Up Mobility Harness Front
The Lift Em Up Mobility Harness Front is an ideal item to have on hand for your dog that needs a little extra lift.  It is designed to facilitate a happier, healthier life for your dog.  It has full adjustable support straps for ease of use and Velcro straps for extra strength.  Manufactured from strong, durable Neoprene it is built to last while still being breathable and flexible.  Stronger buckles add to the durability.  There are wider leg openings for more comfort.  A padded handle makes it comfortable for the pet owner as well.  The Mobility Harness is designed to fit both male and female dogs.

  • Made in the USA
  • For male and female dogs
  • Variety of sizes to fit all dogs
  • Front harness
  • Fully adjustable support straps and stronger buckles
  • Made from strong, durable Neoprene
  • Wider leg openings for more comfort
  • Padded handles
Item Specifications:


XSmall: For chest 13 to 16"; 2-8lbs
Small:  For chest 17 to 20"; 8-15lbs
Medium: For chest 21 to 26"; 15-30lbs
Medium/Large: For chest 26 to 31", 30-65lbs
Large: For chest 31 to 35", 65; 100lbs
XLarge: For chest 36 to 40"; 100+lbs

Measure circumference of chest.  Accurate chest measurement is strongly recommended.  Weight provided to aid in sizing.  All harness will provide ample support.