Quiet Time Deluxe Double Bolster Dog Bed


Midwest® Quiet Time® Deluxe Double Bolster Crate Pet Bed

The Midwest Quite Time Deluxe Double Bolster Crate Pet Bed provides your dog the extra comfort and security with patent pending stacked bolster technology that provides added extra cushioning around the sides of crate.

Made from exquisitely soft, dreamy faux fleece with a stitched in cushioned poly-fiber base, the Deluxe Double Bolster Bed comes with elastic corner straps to secure the bed directly to the crate pan to prevent slipping and bunching.

Designed to fit most wire crates, this durable, 100% machine washable dog crate pads work great in and out of the crate making it an economical choice.


  • Double-bolstered stacks provide extra-deep cushion
  • Exquisitely soft, dreamy fleece
  • Cushioned poly-fiber base
  • Elastic corner straps to secure to crate pan
  • Stacked bolsters provide added cushioning around crate sides
  • 100% machine washable
  • Fits most wire and plastic crates
  • Can be used with crate or just as a bed
  • Perfect for cats and dogs
Item Specifications:




18 inch:
(19” L x 13” W)
Recommended for:
XX-small size dogs and cats up to 10 lbs
Model Number:

22 inch:

(23” L x 16” W)
Recommended for:
X-Small and dogs and cats 10 – 15 lbs
Model Number:

24 inch:

(25” L x 20” W)
Recommended for:
Small size dogs and cats 11 – 25 lbs
Model Number:

30 inch:

(32” L x 23” W)
Recommended for:
Small and medium size dogs 26 – 40 lbs
Model Number:

36 inch:

(38” L x 29” W)
Recommended for:
Medium size dogs 41 – 70 lbs
Model Number:

42 inch:
(47” L x 34” W)
Recommended for:
Large size dogs 71 – 90 lbs
Model Number:

48 inch:

(52” L x 37” W)
Recommended for large and x-large size dogs 91 – 110 lbs
Model Number:

54 inch:

(58” L x 42” W)
Recommended for x-large and giant size dogs over 110 lbs
Model Number: