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Tetra Deluxe LED Aquarium Kit (10gal)

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The Tetra 10 gallon Deluxe LED Aquarium Kit comes with just about everything you need to set up a healthy, thriving aquarium. This affordable and energy-efficient kit comes with a high-quality glass aquarium, powerful LED hood, 3-stage filter, and more. Simply add water and the fish, decorations, and substrate of your choice! This Deluxe LED Aquarium Kit includes a made in the U.S.A., scratch-resistant 10 gallon glass aquarium that's built to last. A sleek, low-profile LED Hood sits atop the aquarium, casting brilliant light, while consuming a mere 3 watts of electricity (roughly 10 times less energy than an equivalent fluorescent fixture). It creates a breathtaking underwater shimmer that mimics the effects of natural sunlight. To keep your water balanced and clean, the Deluxe LED Aquarium Kit comes with a Whisper PF10 Power Filter (90 gph) and one medium sized Bio-Bag cartridge. This powerful unit delivers 3-stage filtration to help you maintain crystal clear water in your aquatic environment. To help ensure that your fishkeeping experience is successful, this comprehensive kit includes a sample of Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner, fish net, TetraCare Brochure, and an aquarium setup brochure.

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