Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Natural Reptile Bedding


  • Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark Natural Reptile Bedding is an all natural substrate for the habitats of humidity-loving reptiles. Made from 100% pure fir bark, it absorbs and retains moisture rapidly for a more humid environment.

    • 100% pure fir bark natural reptile bedding
    • Excellent substrate for Green Iguanas and all other humidity-loving reptiles
    • Reptibark absorbs and retains moisture more rapidly than heat treated substrates

    Reptibark is re-usable and super easy to maintain! All you have to do is soak in hot water every 2 to 3 months for fresh, clean bark. (Repti Bark should be replaced at least once a year). Smaller chips provide better moisture retention through increased surface area. These small pieces interlock, preventing live food from hanging out in your substrate!

    Made in the USA.

    Size Conversions:
    4 Dry Quarts: 0.155 Cubic Feet / 4.4 Liters
    8 Dry Quarts: 0.310 Cubic Feet / 8.8 Liters
    24 Dry Quarts: 0.93 Cubic Feet / 26.4 Liters