Iceland Pure Sardine & Anchovy Oil


Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil is one of the few human-grade oil supplements in the pet industry. This all natural food supplement helps relieve dry, itchy skin, decreases shedding and hairballs, promotes heart health, and lubricates joints. Just add to your pets food for a wealth of daily nutritional benefits!


  • Human-grade, unscented fish oil
  • Promotes healthy skin and glistening coat with Omega 3
  • Adds moisture to dry, irritated skin

This sardine and anchovy oil is unscented and contains a high level of Omega 3s - the key component in maintaining your pets healthy skin and coat. Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy Oil has also been proven to decrease shedding and inflammation while creating a glistening coat and healthy skin. As an added bonus, it may enhance your pets appetite by adding an appealing fish flavor to their diet. The brushed aluminum bottle contains no plastic and features an epoxy coating that hardens like glass to deliver a pure, safe product. Pump is included.

Compare Iceland Pure Fish Oils to standard flaxseed oils: Flaxseed oil has Alfa Linolenic, which must be converted to EPA and DHA to be useful - a very inefficient process that yields less than 10% useful compounds. Omega 3s from fish oil require no conversion and are ready for your pet to use.

Product of Iceland.

Directions: Mix with your dog or cats food. For animal use only.

Dosage: (1 pump = 1/ teaspoon)
Dogs and Cats 50 lbs or less: 2 pumps daily
Dogs 50-100 lbs: 3 pumps daily
Dogs over 100 lbs: 5 pumps daily